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I love Halloween. Next to Christmas, it is my favourite time of the year. My heart lifts with every turn of the central heating thermostat because it means I can celebrate the long, chilly evenings by lighting a log fire, throwing on some fluffy socks and reading a good book. Throw in some comfort food and some chocolate and I’m in heaven. Of course, just as clothes and food can be seasonal, so are the books we read. Somehow it doesn’t fit to be curled in an armchair wearing a chunky jumper and reading about someone lounging next to a pool in the summer Mediterranean sun… or is that just me?

So when the cold air does push in, I reach for something darker and scarier to read. Regular readers will know that I am a Stephen King superfan and it’s a no-brainer that one of his terrifying classics is perfectly fitting at this time of year, such as Misery or Carrie, but I also love a good thriller. Something that will get my nerves jangling, the pages turning and my brain twisting over the plot.

Interestingly, the two novels I have written are not only set during autumn, but also have an underlying darkness that lend themselves to being read on a cold October evening when Halloween is closing in. The Accident tells the story of a woman driven to the edge of sanity through grief and haunted by memories of happier times. But is she tormenting herself or is someone close to her torturing her in a cruel game of manipulation? How well do we know our friends? How well do we know ourselves?

In my second novel, The Pupil, we meet a woman with a regrettable past she is trying to forget, but a promising future that is being threatened by manipulation, secrets and lies. Who can she trust or does everyone around her have their own twisted agenda?

If you love a good thriller full of twists, turns, villains and witches, The Accident and The Pupil will keep you company as the evenings grow longer and darker. And for more book recommendations, giveaways and special offers, keep an eye on the Aria Chiller Thriller week across social media where there will be plenty of spookiness and mischief about…


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